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Terms and Conditions

Fix My PC AJ ® Professional Service Agreement

1. Product Support Range

Fix My PC AJ ® extends its expert services to a diverse array of technology products. This includes, but is not limited to, laptop computers, desktop computers, netbooks, and Apple iDevices (iPads, iTouches, and iPhones). We also specialize in data recovery on a variety of storage devices. Services for products not specifically listed may be considered and potentially undertaken at the discretion of our skilled management and technical team, subject to availability and feasibility.

2. Estimation Process

Our team commits to providing detailed estimates for all standard supported products. For non-standard devices, a specific quotation may be necessary due to the intricate, time-consuming, or technical nature of the assessment required. Generally, estimates are provided in-person by our experienced managers or technicians. However, due to varying job volumes, the complexity of issues, and the unique nature of certain devices, this process may extend beyond 24 hours. Telephone estimates are for preliminary guidance only and are non-binding. A precise and binding estimate is contingent upon a thorough physical examination of the device.

We endeavor to ensure that our estimates are comprehensive, but it is important to recognize that the full extent of a device’s issues may only be revealed during the repair process. Should there be a need to revise an estimate, we will communicate this promptly, explaining the reasons and seeking your authorization before proceeding. Any modification to the initial estimate will require your explicit approval.

3. Limited Shop Warranty

Services performed by Fix My PC AJ ® technicians at our facility, utilizing parts procured by Fix My PC AJ ®, are warranted for 30 days from the service date. This warranty covers the entirety of the repair, including all addressed issues and symptoms. Please note that this warranty does not encompass unrelated issues that might arise within the warranty period.

All replacement parts used in our services come with a 30-day warranty from installation. These parts are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. While we strive to use new parts, availability may necessitate the use of used or refurbished parts, which are also covered under our warranty.

4. Warranty Exclusions

The following scenarios are excluded from our warranty:

  • Services using parts not sourced by Fix My PC AJ ®.
  • Issues related to software, including virus removal.
  • Newly arising symptoms or issues unrelated to the original service within the warranty period.
  • Any hardware installations or modifications made during the warranty period.
  • User-induced damage or negligence within the warranty period.

Please be aware that any physical tampering or unintentional damage within the warranty period voids this warranty.

5. Replacement Parts Protocol

Should a repair require additional parts, we will inform you beforehand, detailing the necessity, costs, and an estimated arrival time. As shipping times are variable, our estimates are provisional and non-guaranteed. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the part cost is required if you choose to retain your device while awaiting parts.

Generally, we do not use parts not supplied by Fix My PC AJ ®, to ensure quality and compatibility. The parts you provide are not covered under our warranty.

6. Manufacturer Warranty Considerations

Be advised that some services may affect your manufacturer’s warranty. We will attempt to inform you of such implications, where possible. Always consult your manufacturer before seeking repair for a device under warranty. Repairs on iPhones and other iDevices will void manufacturer warranties.

7. Service Timeframe

Our services are rendered on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the complexity of modern devices, precise estimates and diagnoses may require a physical examination. While we aim for prompt service, no specific timeframe guarantees can be provided. Expedited Rush Service is available for an additional fee.

8. Equipment Storage Policy

Post-repair, devices will be stored for up to 30 days. Beyond this period, unclaimed devices may be considered abandoned and become the property of Fix My PC AJ ®.

9. Payment Policy

We accept Veno, CashApp Zell, cash, BTC, and ETH Full payment is due upon collection and satisfaction with the service provided. We do not accept checks or offer payment plans.

10. Data Safety Advisory

We take utmost precautions to protect your data; however, Fix My PC AJ ® cannot assume liability for any data loss. We offer additional data backup services at your request. Data recovery services, due to their specialized nature, may have different terms and involve longer service times.

11. Privacy and Data Use

Fix My PC AJ ® is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Our website collects information for service improvement and targeted marketing purposes. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of this information as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

For full policy details, or if you have questions, please visit our website or contact us directly or explore our map address.

Privacy Policy Last Modified: 01-07-2024.

Contact Information

For any inquiries, please contact us at 908-361-9590.

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